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The #1 Reason to Hire a Home Inspector

Plain and simple, the number one reason to hire a Home Inspector is EMOTIONAL DETACHMENT.

Obviously, there are many benefits that come from hiring a Home Inspector such as technical expertise or even negotiation leverage but the top reason to hire a Home Inspector is their ability to evaluate a client’s future home from a neutral point of view. It doesn’t matter to a Home Inspector if the client buys the house or not, it’s just a house. However, to most clients in not just a house, it’s a DREAM. The client sees more than a house, they see their future. This house is the place where their kids will grow up, where they’re starting a new marriage, or it’s the retirement home they’ve dreamed of for 30 years.

Because a house is a dream to the client they are willing to make excuses for the flaws in the home. You’ve heard the saying “I just fell in love with this and had to have it”. Emotional attachment can lead to overpaying and bad judgment. Just like a doting parent who is unable to recognize their child’s shortcomings, new home buyers are often able to excuse away defects they see in a house.

However, when a Home Inspector provides a detailed report that clearly shows the defects in a home and explains the potential financial risks the defect carries this often causes the client to clear their head from the clouds and assume a more natural buying position. I believe a client should live in the clouds when purchasing a house, that’s half the fun. Who wants to purchase a home from a cynical point of view? However, I believe it’s necessary to utilize a neutral elevator to protect the dream.

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